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Destination Dorrigo Brochure Launched

destination dorrigo brochure banner 02Destination Dorrigo Inc. is excited to announce the release of our first, of four, Destination Marketing brochures.

The organisation has been working on a Destination Management Strategy since inception in September 2015. The internal destination development has seen the website,, populated with comprehensive listings including businesses, community groups, activities, events, images, attractions and history. This has been supported by an increasing foray into social media through and other media.

This internal audit of what Dorrigo has to offer, is now the basis for the next stage of the town’s destination marketing, external destination development, getting the word out to the wider community.

Together with our 'Web Marketing' efforts, Destination Dorrigo Inc. has released the first of four communication brochures. This first brochure gives potential visitors a broad introduction to what Dorrigo has to offer along with QR coded icons and directs visitors (and locals) to the most up-to-date information available about Dorrigo on a fully interactive, all inclusive, community based website. The result is brochure designed never to go out of date! What appears to be a very brave statement is supported by the ability to constantly update and maintain the most comprehensive database of information for Dorrigo ever assembled.

With current research indicating that over 80% of Australians own a smart phone, which are being accessed up to 440million times per day by the 18 to 75 year old population, it is certainly the go-to device for communication and information. ‘Smart technology’ continues to infiltrate the population at a rate of 6% p.a. and it is estimated that by 2020 the ‘technology takeover’ will be complete!!

Hence, the days of the traditional costly brochures and booklets are numbered, as they simply cannot compete with comprehensive all inclusive, current information.

Destination Dorrigo Inc. has also put in place a plan to fund the ongoing printing of these brochures, as well as ongoing web development, at no significant cost to the general business and community organisations of Dorrigo.

Destination Dorrigo Inc. sincerely thanks The Foundation for Regional & Rural Renewal for the funding to print the initial brochures and the following sponsors: Ray White Rural – Dorrigo, Red Dirt Distillery, Misty Threads, and Web Design Domain – web services, for creating and maintaining an innovative destination marketing strategy for the benefit of Dorrigo.