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Peter Kenyon Visits Dorrigo

peter kenyon dorrigo 

Dorrigo had a very important visitor to town on Saturday 3 December, although on a fleeting  stop on his way to other places.

Peter Kenyon, one of the world’s leading authorities on Asset Based Community Development and driving force behind the highly influential Bank of IDEAS (  was wandering the early morning market, seeking an early morning caffeine fix, when he was recognised.  Peter, has been involved in community development for almost 30 years. He  has given key note lectures and been involved in many and varied programmes and initiatives to revitalise and empower in 1600 small, medium and large communities in 58 countries throughout the world.

In his short time in town he recounted his previous visit to Dorrigo some 20 odd years ago.  At that time he was asked to audit and workshop where Dorrigo was heading and how to fix problems associated with the decline of the abattoir, restrictions in the timber industry, how to get visitors who were enthralled with the newly established Dorrigo National Park to come into town as well as other manifestations that were pushing Dorrigo in 'the wrong direction'.  High on the agenda of the community back then was the opening of the Railway Museum, the saviour to Dorrigo, and the establishment of industry  - "any industry".

Peter was disappointed to see that the Railway remained unopened, but, forever positive, he believed that Dorrigo still has a future. "Tourism is the key to Dorrigo" with the magnificent natural resources present in the World Heritage Dorrigo National Park and the multitude of other incredibly beautiful national parks and nature reserves of the area. Dorrigo is extremely fortunate that it has so many features that other communities can only dream about.

Dorrigo, however, needs more than tourism to survive. Dorrigo requires co-operation and collaboration within its business community. Apathy is what will finish Dorrigo. Referral marketing, where one business  speaks highly of another business and directs their customers to visit them, is crucial for survival.  Dorrigo requires a strategic plan that is actionable. Dorrigo needs a 'voice' that expounds the virtues of the resources that it has, so that it can grow in a sustainable and positive way. Dorrigo has many specialty and exciting businesses that can attract and hold the attention of visitors, to create a 'story' and an experience that will last. Any innovative and unique businesses should be encouraged, in any way, as Peter, a world expert in the field, believes that they are the key to the long term growth and survival of the town.

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